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Momenten van Gebreide Troost
Knitting plays a major role in this graduation project. As it did in my previous projects. Yarn constructions, everything made knitting, crocheting and weaving. As a designer I see the rhythmic actions of knitting as meditation. I find peace in these repetitive actions. They are sacred to me.
When my hands are knitting, I organise my thoughts. It's how I've found my grounding. Searching for moments of peace and comfort in a world that is always at high speed. Without attention for each other and moments of zen.
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My project Momenten van Gebreide Troost is dialogue with my materials. I feel a deep connection with wool, in any shape or form. My sculptures feel like living organisms. Wat do they need from me? And what can I give them in return?
An intuitive process, together with my knitting needles, knitting machine and punch needles. Getting lost in-between the yarns and infinite loops of knitwear. A presentation of works that always feel as ongoing. Knitted elements and objects. Started out as jumpers, and found their way to the wall, the ceiling. As objects, always changing their shape and appearance.
In the coming months this project will continue. You can check in with my socials to follow this project.

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